Gareth K Thomas

Here’s what I’m doing now…

  • Finding a way to be in several places at once, in order to get my three foster children where they want to be each day

  • Catching up on a few Childhood and Youth Studies modules as part of my psychology degree

  • Looking to do some more voluntary work with children, in preparation for a potential doctorate in educational psychology

  • Redecorating the playroom/home office

January reading:

  • Letters from a Stoic, Seneca

  • The Extended Mind, Annie Murphy Paul

  • Happiness, Matthieu Ricard

  • Trauma and the Body, Minton, Ogden & Pain

Mixed Signals

The signals we receive today are... mixed. From our governments, our environments, our education systems. No wonder our kids are struggling.Why do we behave the way we do? What can we do to help our kids? How does all this impact our health?My newsletter tries to make sense of it all.Sent out once per week, or less.

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